Optimization of the costs-returns ratio on invested capital is one of Tosetti Value’s main tasks, both through constant portfolio risk-reward analysis and negotiation of investment management fees requested by banks and financial advisors appointed by the client.

Risk management advisory

Risk management is at the basis of wealth protection and enhancement, and is designed to maximize earnings and minimize losses.

Tosetti Value carries out client portfolio risk management analysis on a daily basis through:

global analysis of the various assets managed by different banks and funds to optimize and balance risk levels.

monitoring over time to identify real time fluctuations in risk dynamics with the aim of avoiding inadequately rewarded risk and protecting capital in the long term

application of a totally independent approach to identifying and preventing conflicts of interest that could arise with regard to investment service providers with a consequent possible imbalance in risk levels.

Cost efficiency
Rationalization of wealth investment activities
  • Optimization of relations with banks
  • Assistance with negotiation of financial terms
  • Monitoring of banks and other financial intermediaries’ activities
Assessment of the quality of services provided by banks and other financial intermediaries

Analysis, rationalization and continual monitoring of asset management costs

Ongoing global view of the composition and revenue generation of the investment portfolio

Reduction of commercial pressure exerted by banks and other financial intermediaries