The Tosetti Value Prize for Photography was born in 2020, in a delicate historical moment, with the aim of supporting the art system and continuing to explore the relationship between art and economics by expanding the perspective field on reality.

The Award was created in collaboration with Artissima, a historic Turin Fair that constitutes a careful survey of the latest trends in Contemporary Art of which Tosetti Value has been a partner for many years.

The Winner of the Prize, selected by an International Jury of experts appointed by the Director of Artissima, in addition to a cash award has the opportunity to enter into dialogue with "Prospettive. The Economy of Images " a project on contemporary photography born in 2014 and curated by Tosetti Value for Art, with the aim of fueling debates and reflections on our globalized world, in synergy with the Family office's economic researches. The Prize is awarded to the artist whose photographic work is considered most effective in understanding the historical, social and economic dynamics of the times in which we live. With each edition, the Family office acquires a work by the winning artist that becomes part of the Corporate Collection.

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