We know that a family’s legacy is a complex system of highly interdependent and synergistic tangible and intangible elements – education, personal motivations and aspirations, family relationship dynamics and the younger generations’ levels of awareness and competence are perhaps its most important assets.

The prospect of preserving and enhancing the integrity of a family’s financial and business assets from one generation to another depends on the ability to positively manage and develop the “human” component of its legacy.

We believe that the creation of a “values-based culture” is achieved by a combination of relationship initiatives and activities designed to harmonize the commitment of different members of the family to common goals and visions.

With this in mind, providing families with support on a long term basis, from generation to generation, helping them manage different stages of family life and sensitive relationship dynamics, is one of the fundamental aspects of our work, an indispensable condition for achieving the aim of an effective global wealth management strategy

Our services for the creation of a “values-based culture”

support in managing family relationships as directed by the family head and the various family members;

educational initiatives customized to the needs of the individual family and its various members, with particular focus on the younger generations and aspects of family business management.

cultural and relationship initiatives meetings, conferences and encounters with experts organized by Tosetti Value on topics of economic, social, cultural and artistic interest to broaden opportunities for debate, information and education