We are there to help in every moment of family life and share the responsibility of those who have a duty to protect, grow and pass down the family and business legacy from generation to generation, with the wisdom and commitment of a good paterfamilias.

Financial Advisory

analysis and consolidated reporting of ongoing situation

global advice on the definition of general investment strategies based on family and business needs; selection of financial products and asset allocation

daily monitoring of the investment portfolio to align tactical choices made with the evolution of market dynamics.

direct relations with all banks and financial institutions involved in managing the client’s assets to coordinate and optimize investments

negotiating and renegotiating management fees charged to the client by financial operators

ongoing, detailed reports on the financial position and its evolution

availability of international geopolitical and market dynamics analyses developed by Tosetti Value Research Centre

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”

Jonathan Swift

Non Financial Advisory
Family relationships and protection services
support in managing family relationships and dynamics, with particular focus on the stages of generational succession

advice on the constitution of Family Business Interests Transfer Agreements and Trusts for:

  • generational transfer of family wealth and businesses
  • protection of wealth in anticipation of succession
  • protection of minors with restrictions on the enjoyment of assets until they reach the age of majority
advice on activating Trust Services for the transfer of shares, wealth and financial assets

private insurance services including planning insurance solutions to protect the family, movable and immovable assets.

research, selection and management of relations with the beneficiaries of support and sponsorship actions and initiatives

development of philanthropic projects

advice on managing the legal and fiscal aspects

Tax & Legal

Assistance with fiscal and legal aspects relating to family dynamics, including management and coordination of the client’s relevant advisors.

Selection of financial institutions and advisors

assessing banks and financial institutions involved in management of the client’s assets

search for and selection of advisors for all aspects relating to wealth management dynamics (fiscal, legal, business strategies, real estate, etc.)