The growing complexity of global political, social, economic and financial dynamics demands highly specialized organizations and experts able to understand, analyse and make decisions in real time.

Our Research Centre puts teams specialized in international dynamics analysis and definition of the best asset allocation strategies and tactics for clients’portfolios at the disposal of Tosetti Value advisors directly involved in managing personal relationships of trust with clients.

The work of the Research Centre is based on four cornerstones:

  • macroeconomic analysis
  • fund manager selection
  • credit risk analysis
  • asset allocation and ongoing monitoring

The Research Centre’s day to day work covers three interdependent macro areas handled by three teams:

Macroeconomic Analysis and Asset allocation – monitoring political, economic and market events and scenarios and relative investment opportunities, taking into account the entire asset class context.

Portfolio composition strategies adopted are based on daily macroeconomic analyses through morning meetings and monthly meetings with the Tosetti Value Steering Committee, which analyses the evolving picture.
Based on these analyses, the Investment Committee meets monthly to identify actions to be taken with regard to the investment portfolios.

Bonds analysis – identifying and selecting investment opportunities that optimize the risk/rewards of bond portfolios.

Selection of bonds is based on totally independent ratings that evaluate risk and consist of four stages.

23 sectors/peers from a total of 145 issuers are currently analysed and monitored, as well as 30/40 ad hoc analyses requested by clients.

Equity Fund analysis – carried out using Tosetti Value’s own data base and constant, direct relations with international managers to identify the best choices over time in terms of a balance between performance and risk.

Selection of equity funds is made by virtue of quantitative and qualitative due diligence of managers, with a database that contains more than 300 evaluated fund managers around the world.