Eventi & Awards

Tosetti Value – The Family office continues its support of Artissima, and for the second year in a row organizes an award for photography based on the desire to investigate the relationship between art and economics, and to widen the perspective on the real world.

The Tosetti Value Award for photography establishes a dialogue with “Prospettive. The economy of images”, a project on contemporary photography that began in 2014, curated by Tosetti Value per l’Arte with the objective of fostering debate and reflection on our globalized world through exhibitions and talks, in synergy with the economic research conducted by Family office. A jury of experts will select the artist whose photographic work is seen as particularly interesting for an understanding of the historical-social and economic situation of our globalized world. The winning artist, besides receiving a financial award, will have the chance to establish a dialogue with “Prospettive. The economy of images” during 2022.

The first edition of the Tosetti Value Award for photography, supported by Tosetti Value – Il Family office, was assigned to Raed Yassin, presented by the gallery Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai. Tosetti Value – The Family office acquired a work of the winning artist for its corporate collection.

The 2021 jury is composed of:  Walter Guadagnini, Director, CAMERA Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Torino, Daphne Vitali, Curator, EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Raed Yassin, Artist and Giulia Tosetti, Tosetti Value per l’Arte.