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Noémie Goudal

Tosetti Value is pleased to present a selection of works from Noémie Goudal’s latest photographic series. The exhibition explores themes related to the formation and preservation of the Earth’s environment and atmosphere, and it is presented in collaboration with London-based gallery Edel Assanti.

With climate change being the most pressing socio-political issue right now, there is a lot of importance being placed on actions that activate change through a variety of channels. Effective action, however, comes from awareness which when exercised appropriately leads to the coming together of diverse individuals, sewing the seed of a significant epochal change proportional to the obstacles encountered by our species at this time.
The role of Art in such a situation cannot be underestimated. Both as a trigger of knowledge and action to this seemingly overwhelming issue of climate change, it can serve both the aesthetics and intellectual needs of such a big issue.
Noémie Goudal’s practice investigates the complexity of man’s precarious evolving relationship with the natural world, and our quest for an understanding of our place in the universe that stretches from ancient times to modernity. Goudal’s work belongs to a category of artists who view aesthetic beauty as a bi-product of intellectual engagement. Temporally ambivalent and territorially uncertain, Goudal inspires a new reading of nature’s adaptability in this age.
Through the construction of staged sets, and the use of models made of paper, mirrors and wood, Goudal’s oeuvre brings real and imagined geographies into a mysterious synchronicity that gives a new perspective on the issue. These material interventions are critical to the artist’s production of meaning – usually taking the form of photography, the documentation of these interventions in the landscape challenges our definitions of artificiality and our ability to reconcile an ever-changing intellectual conception of the “natural world” with the world as it is in itself.
There is always a deliberate imperfection present in Goudal’s work, whether to do with page edges or cracked mirrors; an element of fragmentation serves the subtle visual motif for the instability that characterises the opposing views of man and his relationship to nature. This technique can be viewed as a means for Goudal to document the process of deconstruction inherent in this volatile relationship. By doing so she presents the possibility of viewing this issue through a different gaze. The viewer is rendered complicit with the illusion presented by the image, whilst simultaneously made aware of its mechanics.
The exhibition, therefore, explores Goudal’s interest in moments of historical scientific discovery relating to our search for a sense of place within the universe. The series, Observatoires and Stations, focuses on the sky as both a real and imagined space for philosophical thought to be projected upon, finding its culmination with the Copernican Revolution. For Telluris, Soulèvement and Démantèlements her investigation progresses from the sky to the Earth itself.

Aloisia Leopardi

In collaborazione con
Edel Assanti

Soulèvement V, 2018
@Noémie Goudal, Courtesy Edel Assanti
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May 2019 / October 2019