Steve McCurry
The Values


Thanks to the kind cooperation of Sudest57, Tosetti Vale S.I.M. has the privilege of hosting a series of photographs by Steve McCurry, one of the world’s best photographers and the author of images that satisfy on many levels.
Born in Philadelphia, McCurry has been the recipient of some of the industry’s most prestigious photography and photo-journalism awards. An undisputed master of colour, he joined Magnum Photos in 1986.
“Conversations with Biba Giacchetti” reported in the book Steve McCurry / Icons are a wonderful key to the backstories of the various photo reportages and the anecdotes behind the photographs through a first-hand account.
Sharbat Gula, the girl who became the symbol of the Afghan war in the pages of National Geographic, leads with her gaze to the entrance of our offices. Here, a selection of images takes us on a journey to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand and Burma through the various works on Buddhism, monsoons, Cambodian temples and the portraits that are an important part of Steve’s ongoing study and portrayal of different ethnicities.
I am fascinated by differences in the great family of man. Faces have different proportions, colours and sizes. Above all, faces have the ability to tell a story of a way of life”
McCurry’s aim is always to document the effect that various events have on man.
His focus is the human being, whose profound sense of dignity and capacity for redemption he immortalizes.

October 2014 / March 2015