per l’Arte

On November 4, 2023, as part of the 30th edition of Artissima, Tosetti Value The Family office conceived and promoted the meeting “American Metamorphosis. When Art Anticipates Visions.”

November 4 is a memorable date in American history. In 1980 Ronald Reagan defeated the incumbent President Jimmy Carter, and his Reaganomics opened a decade of economic liberalization, growth and inequality, hedonism and commercialization of art. On another November 4, in 2008, Barack Obama becomes the first U.S. president of Afro-American descent, after 43 white males. The US weekly Time magazine designates him “person of the year,” and in 2009 he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Two events that forever changed the face of America, and that a great artist — Francesco Jodice — and a prestigious journalist — Mario Calabresi — both profound connoisseurs of the United States of America, will retrace to outline another American story. From the “gold rush” to Artificial Intelligence, through jazz and melting pot, Francesco Jodice and Mario Calabresi, will lead us into the folds of America, a land of borders and utopias, of philanthropy and prejudice, where art remains eternally suspended between reality and the fiction of the American Dream myth.



Photo courtesy: © Perottino-Piva-Peirone / Artissima