Decolonizing art education? Working within complexities, towards complicities

The Family office, always committed to promoting informed collecting, shares the educational mission of Castello di Rivoli – Museum of Contemporary Art and continues to support the initiatives of CRRI, Castello di Rivoli Research Centre.

Following the Contemporary Art Archivists workshop in 2021, the Workshop for the Editing of Catalogues Raisonnés and Publications of Art in 2020, the Provenance Research Workshop in 2019 and the Registrar workshop in 2018 Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art offers a Workshop for the training of experts of education in cultural institutions to twelve selected students with a degree in the Humanities, Arts, Education or Social Sciences. Run by CRRI – Castello di Rivoli Research Institute, the workshop is led by Prof. Dr. Carmen Mörsch (Mainz Art Academy, Johannes-Gutenberg University, Germany).

Organized in presence from 5 to 9 September and from 3 to 7 October, 2022 at the Castello di Rivoli Library, the workshop aims to discover what “decolonization” could mean for educational activity in cultural institutions. In recent years, “decolonizing” has become a buzzword in the arts. Four international guests Janna Graham, Alejandro Cervallos, Poleng Plessie and Miriam Schickler will also be present at the workshop, while a special focus will be dedicated to “Another Roadmap for Arts Education”, a worldwide network initiated in 2011 by Carmen Mörsch and Janna Graham and made up of scholars and practitioners who seek to conceive arts education as a critical and decolonial practice.